The Belfry’s first bottle share is Wednesday night

Chef Celina Tio loves beer. Starting 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, she’ll hold her first bottle share night at the Belfry (1532 Grand). The style theme of the first bottle share is imperial stouts. 

Here’s how it works:

Everyone brings a 750 ml bottle of the given style and pays $20 to participate. The tables are limited to eight people, so everyone gets a good amount of each beer. (If more than eight people are interested, another table will be added.) Tio will share a bottle from her collection, and she or a server will pour the brews so they’re distributed evenly. Tio will also serve snacks (and possibly some new dishes) to go with that month’s style of beer. She is also offering 10 percent off participants’ tabs for the rest of the night and specials on bottles. 

The Belfry will host a bottle share night every first Wednesday of the month. Might be time to clean out your beer cellars.

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