The 2014 Folk Alliance International Conference has limited showcase tickets available to the public

As the date for the gargantuan 26th Annual Folk Alliance Conference and Winter Music Camp looms nearer, music enthusiasts who are more of the spectator sorts have the opportunity to get in on the action. The FAI has announced the schedule for the showcase performances taking place February 18-22, and the conference organizers have set aside a few tickets from each night for the public. 

Taking place at the Westin Crown Center Hotel, the Folk Alliance 2014 Music Showcase features a tremendous lineup of hundreds (no, really, hundreds) of artists and bands from 13 states and five countries over 10 stages each evening. A sampling of some of the bigger names: Tom Rush, David Amram, Josh White Jr., Carolyn Hester, Sarah Jarosz, John Gorka, Sam Baker, Christine Lavin, John Fullbright, Brewer & Shipley…. The list is overwhelming in the best of ways. You can find the full schedule here and on the second page of this post. 

Tickets (for individual nights or as four-day passes) for the Folk Alliance Music Showcase cost $25 per night and can be purchased here, at the Folk Store and at the Westin Crown Center Hotel.

If you’re interested in seeing more than the showcase concerts, registration is still available for all the events at the concert and the Winter Music Camp, which offers workshops on songwriting and various instruments from notable musicians. Plus, Graham Nash and Al Gore are speaking. Register here

The Folk Alliance 2014 Music Showcase is a charity fundraiser. All proceeds from ticket purchases for the showcase are dispersed among the Folk Alliance Scholarship Fund, Midwest Music Foundation, and the Casey Bill Weldon Headstone Fund.

[page]The Folk Alliance 2014 Music Showcase schedule, taking place at the Westin Crown Center Hotel. The showcase is all ages.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19:  8 p.m. – 1:30 a.m.

8:00pm Brandon Phillips (Kansas City, MO)
8:30pm Freight Train & Rabbit Killer (Kansas City, MO)
9:00pm Konza Swamp Band (Kansas City, MO)
9:30pm The Phantoms of the Opry (Kansas City, MO)
10:15pm The Cowtown Playboys (Kansas City, MO)
11:00pm The Spectramatics (Kansas City, MO)
11:45pm The Culprits (Kansas City, MO)

Liberty – The Pitch Presents
8:00pm Brother Bagman (Kansas City, MO)
8:30pm The Kansas City Bear Fighters (Kansas City, MO)
9:00pm Loaded Goat (Kansas City, MO)
9:30pm Howard Iceberg and The Titanics (Kansas City, MO)
10:15pm The Elders (Kansas City, MO)
11:15pm Making Movies (Kansas City, MO)
12:15am Grisly Hand (Kansas City, MO)

Pershing South – Money Wolf Presents
8:00pm Jason Beers (Kansas City, MO)
8:30pm John Statz & Josh Harty (Denver, CO)
9:00pm Peculiar Pretzelmen (Los Angeles, CA)
9:30pm The Silver Maggies (Kansas City, MO)
10:00pm Dollar Fox (Kansas City, MO)
12:00am Expassionates (Kansas City, MO)

Pershing West – KCPT/The Bridge Present
8:00pm Havilah and Rod (Kansas City, MO)
8:30pm Ensemble Iberica (Kanas City, MO)
9:00pm Billy Beale (Kansas City, MO)
9:30pm The Crybaby Ranch (Kansas City, MO)
10:15pm Katy Guillen Trio (Kansas City, MO)
11:00pm Trampled Underfoot (Kansas City, MO)

Roanoke – KC Café Radio Presents
8:00pm Kasey Rausch (Kansas City, MO)
8:20pm Jonathan Fleig (Kansas City, MO)
8:40pm Jefferson Fox (Jackson, MO)
9:00pm Mick Byrd (Vienna, MO)
9:20pm Conner Leimer (Kansas City, MO)
9:40pm Dylan Russel (Kansas City, MO)
10:00pm Brendan MacNaughton (Kansas City, MO)
10:20pm Sky Smeed (Kansas City, MO)
10:40pm tba
11:00pm The Buttermilk Boys (Kansas City, MO)
11:30pm Brody Buster Trio (Lawrence, KS)
12:00am Molly Gene (Warrensburg, Mo)

Shawnee – KCUR Presents
8:00pm Kelly Werts (Kansas City, MO)
8:30pm David George (Kansas City, MO)
9:00pm M. Bird (Kansas City, MO)
9:30pm Coyote Boogie Band (Gardner, KS)
10:00pm Deadman Flats (Lawrence, KS)
10:30pm Jason Vivone and Billy Bats (Kansas City, MO)
11:00pm The Electric Lungs (Liberty, MO)
11:30pm The New Riddim (Kansas City, MO)
12:15am The Rougher Allstars (Blue Riddem) (Kansas City, MO)

Washington Park Place 1 – Midwest Music Foundation Presents
8:00pm Parker Millsap (Norman, OK)
8:30pm Brewer and Shipley (Kansas City, MO)
9:00pm Cody Wyoming (Kansas City, MO)
9:30pm David Regnier (Kansas City, MO)
10:00pm Canto Duo (Kansas City, MO)
10:30pm Betse Ellis (Kansas City, MO)
11:00pm Rural Grit All Stars (Kansas City, MO)
11:30pm Victor and Penny (Kansas City, MO)
12:00am Truckstop Honeymoon (Lawrence, KS)

Washington Park Place 3 – Ink Magazine Presents
8:00pm The Blackbird Revue (Kansas City, MO)
9:00pm The Clementines (Kansas City, MO)
10:00pm Olassa (Lawrence, KS)
11:00pm She’s A Keeper (Kansas City, MO)
12:00am Eyelit (Kansas City, MO)

Waterfall Stage – KKFI Presents
8:00pm Street Corner Choir (Kansas City, MO)
8:30pm Bob and Diana Suckiel (Kansas City, MO)
9:00pm Old Sound (Kansas City, MO)
9:30pm Dan Bliss (Kansas City, MO)
10:00pm Gary Kirkland (Kansas City, MO)
10:30pm Danny Cox (Kansas City, MO)
11:00pm Alfred Packer Memorial String Band (Lawrence, KS)

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20: 6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Feature Show: House of Songs
7:30pm Alana Amram & the Rough Gems (Brooklyn, NY)
8:00pm Cotton Wine (Nashville, TN)
8:30pm The Blue Warblers (Whitehorse, YT Canada)
9:00pm David Olney (Nashville, TN)
9:30pm The Ragbirds (Ann Arbor, MI)
10:00pm The Casey Driessen Singularity (Asheville, NC)

Century C
Feature Show: BMI & KPR Present… .
6:00pm Tom Rush (Concord, NH)
7:00pm Irene Kelley (Nashville, TN)
7:30pm The Roys (Nashville, TN)
8:15pm SHEL (Fort Collins, CO)
9:00pm The Black Lillies (Knoxville, TN)
9:45pm Sarah Jarosz (New York, NY)

Feature Show: Red House 30th Anniversary…
6:00pm Michael Johnson (Minneapolis, MN)
6:30pm Claudia Schmidt (Minneapolis, MN)
7:00pm The Bills (Victoria, BC Canada)
7:30pm Ruth Moody (Winnipeg, MB Canada)
8:00pm John Gorka (Marine on St. Croix, MN)
8:30pm Ray Bonneville (Austin, TX)
9:00pm Eliza Gilkyson (Austin, TX)
9:30pm Danny Schmidt (Austin, TX)
10:00pm Carrie Elkin (Austin, TX)

Penn Valley
Acoustic Canada
7:00pm Ben Rogers (Vancouver, BC Canada)
7:30pm Kaia Kater (Toronto, ON, ON Canada)
8:00pm Belle Plaine (Regina, SK Canada)
8:30pm Lucas Chaisson (Cochrane, AB Canada)
9:00pm Tim Hus (Calgary, AB Canada)
9:30pm Dana Sipos (Yellowknife, NT Canada)
10:00pm Charlie A’Court (Halifax, NS Canada)

Pershing South
Feature Show: Pianorama
7:30pm SONiA – disappear fear (Baltimore, MD)
8:00pm Buddy Mondlock (Nashville, TN)
8:30pm 3 Trails West (Kansas City, KS)
9:00pm Buffalo Tales (Sydney, NSW Australia)
9:30pm Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand (Salt Lake City, UT)
10:00pm Batdorf & Stanley (Los Angeles, CA)

Pershing West
Feature Show: Wisdom of the Elders
w/Carolyn Hester, Josh White Jr., & Harry Tuft
Signature Sounds 20th Anniversay…
7:30pm Kris Delmhorst (Shelburne Falls, MA)
8:00pm Poor Old Shine (Mansfield, CT)
8:30pm Heather Maloney (Northampton, MA)
9:00pm Darlingside (Cambridge, MA)
9:45pm Miss Tess (Brooklyn, NY)

7:30pm Lera Lynn (Nashville, TN)
8:00pm Lilly Hiatt (Nashville, TN)
8:30pm Elizabeth McQueen (Austin, TX)
Bill Wence presents…
9:00pm Nancy Cassidy (Palo Alto, CA)
9:30pm Tia McGraff (Port Dover, ON Canada)
10:00pm Bronwynne Brent (Greenville, MS)

6:00pm Shred Kelly (Fernie, BC Canada)
6:45pm Lost and Nameless Orchestra (Austin, TX)
7:30pm The Honeycutters (Ashville, NC)
8:15pm Della Mae (Boston, MA)
9:00pm Hot Buttered Rum (San Francisco, CA)
9:45pm Gangstagrass (New York, NY)

Union Hill
7:30pm Blasting Company (Los Angeles, CA)
8:00pm Wyatt Easterling (Chapel Hill, NC)
8:30pm Pops Bayless (Austin, TX)
9:00pm Brad Cole (NYC, NY)
9:30pm Hogan & Moss (Alpine, TX)
10:00pm Desi and Cody (Tulsa, OK)

Washington Park Place 1
Feature Show: Oklahoma
7:30pm The Barn Birds (Carrboro, NC)
8:00pm The Flyin’ A’s (Austin, TX)
8:30pm Shinyribs (Austin, TX)
9:00pm Jim Lauderdale (Nashville, TN)
9:45pm Jadea Kelly (Toronto, ON Canada)

Washington Park Place 3
Feature Show: A Tribute To Willie P. Bennett
7:30pm Brother Sun (Chicago/Boston/NYC, NY)
8:15pm Harpeth Rising (Bowling Green, KY)
9:00pm Robby Hecht (Nashville, TN)
9:30pm Rebecca Loebe & The New Ordeals (Austin, TX)
10:00pm Uncle Bonsai (Seattle, WA)

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21: 6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

6:00pm Brian Ashley Jones (Nashville, TN)
6:30pm Duane Andrews and Craig Young (St. John’s, NL Canada)
7:00pm Darryl Purpose (Nederland, CO)
7:30pm Moors and McCumber (Wisconsin, CO)
8:00pm BettySoo (Austin, TX)
8:30pm The Grahams (Nashville, TN)
9:00pm Lance Canales & the Flood (Fresno, CA)
9:30pm T Sisters (Oakland, CA)
10:00pm The Hot Nut Riveters (Austin, TX)

Century C
Grassy Hill Entertainment Presents… .
6:00pm Owen Temple (Austin, TX)
6:30pm Dan Navarro (Los Angeles, CA)
7:00pm Amy Speace (East Nashville, TN)
7:30pm Chip Taylor (Austin, TX)
8:00pm Kim Richey (Nashville, TN)
8:30pm Jimmy LaFave (Austin , TX)
9:00pm Steve Poltz (San Diego, CA)
9:30pm Sam Baker (Austin, TX)
10:00pm John Fullbright (Okemah, OK)

6:00pm Dawn Landes (Brooklyn, NY)
6:30pm Anthony da Costa (Pleasantville, NY)
7:00pm Ashley Condon (Montague, PE Canada)
7:30pm Emily Elbert (Los Angeles, CA)
8:00pm Chuck Mead (Nashville, TN)
8:30pm Bruce Robison (Austin, TX)
9:00pm Christine Lavin and Don White (New York, NY)
9:30pm Brewer and Shipley (Kansas City, MO)
10:00pm Guy Davis (Bronx, NY)

Penn Valley
Feature Show
6:00pm Andy Cohen (Memphis, TN)
6:30pm John Lilly (Charleston, WV)
7:00pm David Berkeley (Santa Fe, NM)
7:30pm The Navigators (St. John’s, NL Canada)
8:00pm Qristina & Quinn Bachand (Victoria, BC Canada)
8:30pm Ben Fields (Brooklyn, NY)
9:00pm Lyal Strickland (Buffalo, MO)
9:30pm Spencer and Rains (Lawrence, KS)
10:00pm Jon Brooks (King City, ON Canada)

Pershing South
Canada Night… .
6:00pm Red Moon Road (Winnipeg, MB Canada)
6:45pm Jenny Ritter (Vancouver, BC Canada)
7:30pm Pear (Calgary, AB Canada)
8:15pm Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys (Charlottetown, PE Canada)
9:00pm Ian Kelly (Montreal, QC Canada)
9:45pm Gabrielle Papillon (Montreal, QC Canada)

Pershing West
6:00pm Calan (Caernarfon, Wales UK)
6:45pm The Mountain Firework Company (Brighton, England UK)
7:30pm Burning Bridget Cleary (Philadelphia, PA)
8:15pm Old Salt Union (Belleville, IL)
9:00pm Baskery (Stockholm, Sweden)
9:45pm The Howlin’ Brothers (Nashville, TN)

6:00pm Amy Black (Somerville, MA)
6:30pm Ronnie Fauss (East Dallas, TX)
7:00pm Sean Rowe (Troy, NY)
7:30pm David Halley (Austin, TX)
8:00pm Paul Anastasio & The Hot Lands Group (Shorline, WA)
8:30pm Molly Tuttle (Palo Alto, CA)
9:00pm Bill Evans (Richmond, CA)
9:30pm Gunner & Smith (Saskatoon, SK Canada)
10:00pm Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum (Berkeley, CA)

6:00pm The Talbott Brothers (Omaha, NE)
6:45pm The Amigos Band (New York, NY)
7:30pm David Amram (New York City, NY)
8:15pm Coig (Cape Breton, NS Canada)
9:00pm Reed Turner (Austin, TX)
9:45pm Redd Volkaert (Austin, TX)

Union Hill
6:00pm Jens Lysdal (Copenhagen, Denmark)
6:30pm Zachary Lucky (Saskatoon, SK Canada)
7:00pm Laith Al-Saadi (Ann Arbor, MI)
7:30pm Olivia Chaney (London, England UK)
8:00pm Olion Byw (Cardiff, Wales UK)
8:30pm Mel Parsons (Auckland, New Zealand)
9:00pm Maja & David (Montreal, QC Canada)
9:30pm Liz Stringer (Melbourne, VIC Australia)
10:00pm Linda McRae (Nashville, TN)

Washington Park Place 1
6:00pm Gordon Grdina’s Haram (Vancouver, BC Canada)
6:45pm Birds Of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
7:30pm Crooked Brothers (Winnipeg, MB Canada)
8:15pm The F5 Four (Oklahoma City, OK)
9:00pm Foghorn Stringband (Portland, OR)
9:45pm Whiskey Shivers (Austin, TX)

Washington Park Place 3
6:00pm The Midnight Roses (Swift Current, SK Canada)
6:45pm Slocan Ramblers (Toronto, ON Canada)
7:30pm Nu-Blu (Siler City, NC)
8:15pm The Railsplitters (Boulder, CO USA)
9:00pm HanaLena (Nashville, TN)
9:45pm Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys (Lansing, MI)

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22: 6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

6:00pm Riley Baugus (Walkertown, NC)
6:30pm Lil Rev (Milwaukee, WI)
7:00pm Pete Wernick (Niwot, CO)
7:30pm Jordie Lane (Melbourne, NSW Australia)
8:00pm Ellis (Minneapolis, MN)
8:30pm Del Barber (Winnipeg, MB Canada)
9:00pm Carolina Story (Nashville, TN)
9:30pm Webb Wilder (Nashville, TN)
10:00pm Rachel Ries (Brooklyn, NY)

Century C
Relix Presents… ..
6:00pm Don Henry & Jon Vezner (Nashville, TN)
6:30pm Eric Brace & Peter Cooper (Nashville, TN)
7:00pm Ellis Paul (Cambridge, MA)
7:30pm A.J. Croce (San Diego, CA)
8:15pm Kevin & Dustin Welch (Wimberley, TX)
9:00pm Grant Lee Phillips (New York, NY)
9:45pm The Stray Birds (Lancaster, PA)

6:00pm The Mae Trio (Melbourne, VIC Australia)
6:30pm Tim Easton (Nashville, TN)
7:00pm William Graham & Jon Dee Graham (Austin, TX)
7:30pm Willie Watson (Nashville, TN)
8:00pm Lowell Levinger – Banana From The Youngbloods (Inverness, CA)
8:30pm Henry Wagons (Melbourne, Victoria Australia)
9:00pm Ronny Cox (Los Angeles, CA)
9:45pm Willie Nile (Buffalo, NY)

Penn Valley
6:00pm Bobby Bare Jr. (Nashville, TN)
6:30pm Michaela Anne (Brooklyn, NY)
7:00pm Jeff Black (Kansas City, MO)
7:30pm DnA: Delyth & Angharad Jenkins (Swansea, Wales UK)
8:00pm Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman (San Francisco, CA)
8:30pm Billy Strings & Don Julin (Traverse City, MI)
9:00pm The Hut People (Hull, England UK)
9:30pm Louise Mosrie (Nashville, TN)
10:00pm Jerry Joseph (Portland, OR)

Pershing South
A Taste of Austin…
6:00pm Raina Rose (Austin, TX)
6:30pm Guy Forsyth (Austin, TX)
7:00pm HalleyAnna (Austin, TX)
7:30pm David Garza (Austin, TX)
8:00pm Michael Fracasso (Austin, TX)
8:30pm Darden Smith (Austin, TX)
9:00pm Patrice Pike (Austin, TX)
9:30pm Matt the Electrician (Austin, TX)
10:00pm The Carper Family (Austin, TX)

Pershing West
The Pitch KC Night
6:00pm AJ Gaither – OMB (Locust Bayou, AR)
6:30pm Sara Swenson (Kansas City, MO)
7:00pm Victor & Penny (Kansas City, MO)
7:30pm Olassa (Lawrence, KS)
8:00pm Howard Iceberg (Kansas City, MO)
8:30pm Betse Ellis (Kansas City, MO)
9:00pm Twenty Thousand Strongmen (Kansas City, MO)
9:30pm Making Movies (Kansas City, MO)

6:00pm Cahalen Morrison & Eli West (Seattle, WA)
6:30pm Wild Ponies (East Nashville, TN)
7:00pm Radoslav Lorkovic (Chicago, IL)
7:30pm Roy Book Binder (St. Petersburg, FL)
8:00pm Jim Kweskin (Los Angeles, CA)
8:30pm Mike Compton (Nashville, TN)
9:00pm Darol Anger & Emy Phelps (& The Furies) (Arlington, MA)
9:30pm The Aching Hearts (Saint Louis, MO)
10:00pm The Barrel Jumpers (Nashville, TN)

6:00pm The Lonely Heartstring Band (Boston, MA)
6:45pm Helen Highwater Stringband (Nashville, TN)
7:30pm Star & Micey (Memphis, TN)
8:15pm Missy Raines & The New Hip (Nashville, TN)
9:00pm The Hillbenders (Springfield, MO)
9:45pm The Farewell Drifters (Nashville, TN)

Union Hill
6:00pm California Feetwarmers (Northridge, CA)
6:30pm Frank Martin Gilligan (Houston, TX)
7:00pm Bella Hardy (Edinburgh & Edale, Scotland UK)
7:30pm Daniel Champagne (Brogo, NSW Australia)
8:00pm Andy Brown (Fredericton, NB Canada)
8:30pm Ben Arthur (New York, NY)
9:00pm Kail Baxley (Los Angeles, CA)
9:30pm Jonah Tolchin (Bar Harbor, ME)
10:00pm Evie Ladin & Keith Terry (Oakland, CA)

Washington Park Place 1
Sweet Beaver & Grassy Hill Entertainment present
6:00pm The Bombadils (Montreal, QC Canada)
6:45pm Graydon James & the Young Novelists (Toronto, ON Canada)
7:30pm Ariana Gillis (Toronto, ON Canada)
8:15pm Samantha Robichaud (Riverview, NB Canada)
9:00pm Samantha Martin (Toronto, ON Canada)
9:45pm Shtreiml & Ismail Fencioglu (Montreal, QC Canada)

Washington Park Place 3
Sweet Beaver & Grassy Hill Entertainment present
6:00pm Ian Sherwood (Halifax, NS Canada)
6:30pm Gordie Tentrees & Hill Country News (Whitehorse, YT Canada)
7:00pm 100 mile house (Edmonton, AB Canada)
7:30pm Laura Smith (Mainland east shore, NS Canada)
8:00pm JP Hoe (Winnipeg, MB Canada)
8:30pm The Sweet Lowdown (Victoria, BC Canada)
9:00pm Suzie Vinnick (Wainfleet, ON Canada)
9:30pm Steve Brockley Band (Montreal, QC Canada)
10:00pm Dave Gunning (Pictou, NS Canada)

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