The 2008. Pitch. Music. Awards. Nominees. ANNOUNCED!

On page 11 of today’s issue of The Pitch, readers will find a glorious and diverse list of all the bands and artists who have received nominations in this year’s Pitch Music Awards.

You know the competition will be great and the showcase will be titanic, so write this down now:

Pitch Music Showcase


29 bands for $5

August 7, 2008.

NOTE: As of this post, our online voting page is still in the works. We apologize for the delay; it should be up by the end of the week.

Vote HERE.

Follow the jump to see a complete list of this year’s nominees, which were chosen largely by Pitch contributors, with a little outside help from our friends in the scene, such as your mom. What, she didn’t tell you? Maybe it’s because you never call her!

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