Team Scorpio Soundsystem with DJ Just and Billy

Soundsystem The Record Bar’s regular Monday DJ, Billy Say 10 (known to his mama as Billy Smith), has joined forces with fellow Scorpio and longtime KC wax champ DJ Just to take their act to Jilly’s on Wednesday nights. Unlike Monday nights, when dub and reggae dominate, Team Scorpio’s plan at Jilly’s is to resist being limited by a particular genre. They’ll alternate working the vinyl, with Say 10 spinning punk favorites like the Descendents’ sing-along “Sour Grapes,” and then ease into more relaxed fare with the Beastie Boys’ French-influenced instrumentals from The In Sound from Way Out. When Just takes over, he’ll mix ’90s hip-hop like the Pharcyde and Digable Planets with his specialty, fantastic ’80s selections. Jilly’s chill ambience and ample seating, mixed with our two DJs’ smart and smooth cuts, should make for some cozy evenings. Expect plenty of chair dancing.

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