Taylor Swift at Sprint Center

​The look on Taylor Swift‘s face might say “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe all this cheering is for me,” but she’s in show business, baby — everything is calculated and planned out here. That said, the production that Swift brought to Sprint Center last Friday night was impressive. On her first big headlining tour, Swift manages to combine direct fan interaction, technical spectacle and prove that she’s a full-blown diva in the making.
Much time was allotted for Swift to simply stand on stage, silently soaking in the high-pitched adoration of her followers. She’d look this way and that and cock her head, countenance frozen in an expression of genuine gratitude. Swift also spent considerable time hugging tearful tweens and kissing babies. After emerging on the opposite side of the arena in the second half of the show, she had to hug and kiss her way all the way back to the main stage.  For those who didn’t have seats on the Swiftway, cameras projected her too-long trek onto huge screens. The whole thing reminded me of what must happen when the charismatic pastor of a megachurch steps into the throngs of his congregation.
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