Taqueria Bautista now open in Westport

A little piece of the California Taqueria came back to life with the opening of Taqueria Bautista (4116 Broadway) in Westport yesterday.

“Those who remember the California Taqueria will be happy because we’re using many of the same recipes,” says owner Juan Bautista. 

His mother, Carmen, is the connection, having brought back many of the recipes from her time at the West Side institution. She’ll be in the kitchen daily. 

“She’s the reason I did this. I’ve got my nieces and nephews, and aunt here as well — this is a true family affair,” Bautista says.

This is the second restaurant for Juan and his brother Francisco, who own and operate Carmen’s Cafe in Brookside. Taqueria Bautista is set up to keep the line moving, with all of the proteins ready to go at the counter station and tortillas coming from Carmen in the kitchen. Customers can see what they’re ordering before committing to a dish. 

“We want people to be able to get in and out in 10 minutes,” Bautista says.

The restaurant has 35 seats and three patio tables. The walls are a soft banana color. (The space took a month to renovate; it previously been home to Cafe Cuba and Relish hot dogs.)

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