Tanner’s Bar & Grill’s Burger Week choice is the hammiest hamburger

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The Pitch‘s Burger Week is winding down — the deal for 16 of the best $5 burgers in the metro ends Sunday, October 25 — but each of the participating restaurants, bars and grills have created a unique and delicious sandwich.

High points for creativity have to go to the Waldo Tanner’s (7425 Broadway), the only Tanner’s venue participating in Burger Week. Tanner’s has truly put the ham back in hamburger.

The name hamburger has nothing to do with smoked pork, of course. The origin of the name comes from a more logical source: Hamburg, Germany.

German immigrants brought the recipe for “Hamburg meat” (chopped meat, eaten raw like steak tartare) to the United States with them. No one seems to agree when this chopped beef was tossed on a grill, but the first recorded mention of a “Hamburg Steak” was in 1884.

We’re assuming that the Tanner’s meaty sandwich, the Der Burgermeister Burger, is a delicious homage to the homeland of the Hamburg Steak. A handmade 8-ounce beef patty is grilled and topped with two slices of applewood-smoked ham, pickled onions, applewood-smoked bourbon bacon and enough smoked Alpine cheese to create a gooey, molten blanket over all that hot beef and pork. It’s served on a slightly chewy pretzel bun.

A side of fries costs a bit extra, but what’s a German-style burger without French-fried spuds?

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