Tank Room closing, making way for expanded Green Lady Lounge

The Green Lady Lounge is expanding … into the Tank Room.

Green Lady Lounge owner John Scott is buying the next door Tank Room and converting it into an extension of his popular jazz club. It will be renamed the Black Dolphin. Scott says, “We are so busy on Friday and Saturday nights that we started looking about a year ago up and down the street for additional space.”

The Black Dolphin will operate as a new room of Green Lady Lounge. Drink tabs started in one location can be carried over into the other, just as tabs that begin on Green Lady’s main floor now can be continued in the downstairs Orion Room.

Scott envisions the new space opening the door to a greater variety of jazz, including more pianists and singers. “This will give me more freedom to book touring bands,” Scott says, including ticketed shows. (Admission to the Green Lady’s current rooms is and will remain free.) The 12th Street Jump radio program will move to the Black Dolphin. The space will initially be open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The sale is scheduled to close on May 1, and Scott expects the Black Dolphin to open by June 1, with what he calls “a decor treatment,” giving the club a more elegant and classic feel. 

Tank Room owner Dustin Racen is opening a large bar and kitchen in the Ozarks.