Sweet EMOtion delivers vegan treats from the Upside Down

A Stranger Things ice cream release.
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Sweet EMOtion limited Stranger Things ice cream release. // Photo by Anna Perry-Rushton

Things got a little cattywampus (but oh, so delicious) in North Kansas City over the weekend with the limited release of a Stranger Things-inspired menu at the Sweet EMOtion vegan ice cream parlor founded by Seth Kean.

Kean was working in the music industry when the pandemic hit and needed to pivot to something to help ride out the storm. He eventually came up with Sweet EMOtion, an oatmilk-based ice cream boutique specializing in vegan and gluten-free cold treats.

The shop has two storefronts—the original location is based in Springfield, MO, and the North KC location can be found inside The Rino next to Post Coffee Company.

Kean had plans to enroll in culinary school before following his heart in the music industry and working his way up to the role of General Manager at the Outland Ballroom in Springfield. The pandemic gave him the space to explore something that involved both his musical influences and his love of food.

Menu items like Jimmy Eats Swirl, Crunch Crunch Crunch (a play on one of Paramore’s singles), and The Black Parade all pay tribute to the resurgence of the emo and pop-punk bands we all know and love.

The July 9-10 menu shifted gears a little bit and tapped into the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Specialty treats included:

  • VECNA’S CURSE: A crisp and refreshing pomegranate dream whip float with strawberry chunks, strawberry soda, and cream. 
  • THE HELLFIRE CLUB: Decadent soft-serve chocolate oatmilk ice cream with brownie bites, red velvet magic shell, and a pinch of cayenne pepper topped with an inverted ice cream cone. This was my second favorite item.
  • EL’S WAFFLE CRUNCH: Maple and brown sugar soft-serve vanilla oatmilk ice cream with real waffle and cone pieces. This item was a little more dressed down and probably the biggest crowd-pleaser.
  • CRAZY AMERICAN: A vanilla oatmilk death cup shake with cheesecake and peanut butter—a perfect tribute to Hopper.
  • THE MIND FLAYER: An ice cream sandwich with a handmade waffle, peanut butter Cap’n Crunch ice cream, chocolate magic shell, and sprinkles that—it’ll make you feel like you’re eating waffles with Eleven herself.

Follow Sweet EMOtion on Instagram to stay up to date on their summer menu and future special releases.

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