Supa Flowa, Spine, The Big Sky, and more of the latest local music videos

I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring. I do, don’t you? ‘Course you do.
Apologies to Tom Lehrer for lifting his lyrics, but it’s warm and it’s sunny, and there’s a stack of new music videos for you to watch as you sit on the porch after work and drink something cool and refreshing. Maybe run these through the ol’ Bluetooth speaker and see about getting a little party started. Why not? We’ve got a solid selection of porch-worthy, warm-weather tunes, whether your jam is hip-hop, bluegrass, or beyond. 

Conductor Williams, “7 minute Theory: Subject Les Izmore”  

Seven minutes of brand-new music from producer Conductor Williams and emcee extraordinaire Les Izmore (Hearts of Darkness, Heartfelt Anarchy). It’s the second installment in what looks to be a regular series from the producer. The use of old-school video samples of everything that Les references and represents (Tupac, Rufus Thomas at Wattstax, John Coltrane, et al) here is fascinating. 

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Daisy Buckët, “Stars Are Blind” 

Here’s the opening cut from Buckët’s debut album, Pansy, which was released on April 10. It’s a cover of Paris Hilton’s big single from about ten years ago, and is also, coincidentally, the first-ever song Ms. Buckët performed solo. It’s pretty glorious, and what you’re seeing in the video wasn’t set up for promotion — that is, in fact, Daisy dressed up and singing during the recording of Pansy itself. 

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Ray Muney, “Posted” feat. Kye Colors & Solomon  

Three of the area’s finest emcees in a video directed by Kendu the Stampede? Yeah, we’re on it. The song’s crazy-catchy hook and piano line is enough to recommend it, but the delirious spinning and fisheye-lensed video makes “Posted” a full-on delirious bit of fun. 

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Janelle Monáe, “PYNK” 

Janelle Monáe did videos for every song on Dirty Computer, and we are absolutely, 100 percent here for that. Who wants to see if we can talk Screenland or the Drafthouse into doing a screening? Those leggings. And the oysters. And kitties. Then the guitar kicks in, and … I have no words. Dirty Computer is out now. 

%{[ data-embed-type=”oembed” data-embed-id=”” data-embed-element=”aside” ]}% The Big Sky, “Horserider’s Smile”

The Lawrence Songbook — “a first of-its-kind local legacy publication devised to celebrate, uplift and amplify the songs and songwriters of Lawrence, KS” — came out in March, with a big ol’ show at Liberty Hall. To keep interest alive, there’s now a monthly Songbook Challenge, where sheet music for one of the songs is posted and you’re invited to record your own version and post it to the ‘Tube. Include the hashtags, and your video will automatically be put into a queue on the Songbook YouTube page, at which point you’re entered into a lottery to win special Songbook swag and prizes. April was “Horserider’s Smile” by The Big Sky. 

All the details for the monthly challenge can be found at the Lawrence Songbook website.  

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Nadroj, “Bad Memories”  

More rollerskating videos, please. We thought we got tired of them during the ’90s, but Kendu the Stampede’s work for Nadroj’s “Bad Memories” is so perfectly black-lit and oversaturated, we’re totally in for another round of them. The song’s maybe a little more sedate than the likes of something like “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll,” but we can totally hear Nadroj’s jam soundtracking the next couple’s skate. 

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Razorwire Halo, “Sweat”  

The image onscreen degrades and glitches just as much as the heavy industrial-tinged metal from the long-running KCMO act. It’s rare to hear this sound locally, despite the fact that acts like 3Teeth are kind of bringing it back, so it’s cool to see that Razorwire Halo are fighting the good fight. The song seems tailor-made for the strip club, so it’s maybe a little too on-the-nose that the video has copious amounts of scantily-clad young ladies, but if that’s your jam, take a look. 

Razorwire Halo’s next show is at CafeAcoustic in St. Joe with Jesse’s 3rd Eye on Friday, May 11. Details on that show here.

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Spine, “Warm Now Cold” 

“Warm Now Cold” is the first single off the Kansas City hardcore band Spine’s Bridge Nine debut, Faith. It’s a punishing cut, and while the video looks like a riot caught on video — albeit one with spin kicks and sick pit action — I really wish we got to see more of the whole band, rather than just the frontman looking tough. 

The release show for Faith is at Davey’s Uptown on Monday, June 11, with Bib, Devil’s Den, Liquid Swords, and Choppin’ Block. Details on that show here.  

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I didn’t know it was possible to mix modern hip-hop beats and delivery with psychedelic D.A.I.S.Y. Age De La Soul lyrics, but it is, and Supa Flowa kills it. The video looks like the cover from 3 Feet High & Rising came to life, too. The only downside to any of this — flow, visuals, style — is that at not even a minute and a half, “Misfit” leaves you wanting so much more from the young rapper. 

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A’Sean, “Facts”  

A’Sean lays out the truth behind his rhymes and himself, and he doesn’t mince words. Strong rhymes, hard beats, and a sweet melody riding on top of it all come and go way too quickly for my liking, but it goes so hard so fast that you kind of need a minute afterward. The dreamy videography complements the melody, and the close-ups are the perfect companion to the beats and lyrics.  

“Facts” is off A’Sean’s new EP, A Love Blemish, which you can stream in full at Soundcloud.  

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