Sunday Service at Char Bar to feed displaced food service workers

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Combining the stores. // Courtesy of Char Bar

I don’t know what’s hitting you the hardest about not being able to go out to various bars and restaurants in the city right now. There are a few places where I quite simply just miss sitting at my regular chair. And more than a few where I wish I knew the last names of all the regulars I normally chat with, since I’d love to be able to check in on them right now. Then there are a few of those meals that, quite simply, I cannot get anywhere near replicating. There are probably two each from my favorite Westport staples, whom all happen to share ownership. Mickey’s Hideaway and Beer Kitchen have shuddered, but Char Bar has started offering curbside service, with a menu featuring highlights from all three restaurants.
Coronavirus accidentally created my personal perfect menu, if not the greatest all-around dining experience 🙁
More than 150 members of the various restaurant staff have had to join the unemployment numbers of our city, and the owners want to do something to help all those who have been displaced. Not just from their restaurants, but from everywhere in the KC service industry.
Which brings us to Sunday Service.
Today, March 22nd from 2pm-4pm in front of Char Bar chefs will be preparing 200 hot boxed meals of Kansas City barbecue for any displaced service-industry employees that roll-up. Simply hold out a recent employee pay stub or liquor card, and a gloved crew member will deliver a package to you. This is only while supplies last, as the restaurants are clearing out all of their perishable items. Current estimates suggest they will be handing out 170 “Carnivore” Meals of pulled pork, smoked ham, hand-cranked sausage, potato salad, pit beans & toast; plus 30 Vegetarian “Jacknife on Bun” boxes with smoked jackfruit, broccoli slaw & potato salad.

They will also be collecting voluntary tips from anyone wishing to donate to an Employee Assistance Fund for their displaced hourly employees when they return to work.


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