Sturgill Simpson, Woods and more top the June edition of Spin Cycle by Mills Record Co. and Love Garden Sounds

Every month, we ask Kansas City’s Mills Record Co. and Lawrence’s Love Garden Sounds to contribute a top five list to our ongoing column Spin Cycle. This month, our esteemed record store genies have a local focus. Introducing the June edition of Spin Cycle: The Top Five Slept-On Records of the Season.

1. … And Then You Shoot Your Cousin by the Roots: Because the Roots are more than just that Jimmy Fallon Band. Do not forget that.

2. Metamodern Sounds in Country Music by Sturgill Simpson: If you’ve been in the store lately, you’ve heard this. If not, it’s like George Jones and Merle Haggard merged their voices to sing 1970s-style country tunes about existential issues.

3. Emma Jean by Lee Fields and the Expressions: Songs that get deeper than the submarines, deeper than Loch Ness, deeper than Warren Buffett’s pockets.

4. Ultima II Massage by Tobacco: I’ve never huffed gasoline or eaten a rainbow before, but I’m pretty sure it would feel something like Tobacco’s third record.

5. Soul Power by Curtis Harding: Burger Records is kicking my ass again with another solid release. Raw, stripped-down soul.

– Compiled by Judy Mills and Christian LaBeau
Mills Record Co., 314 Westport Road,

1. With Light and With Love by Woods: Optimism is the key to good summer living.

2. LateNightTales by Bonobo: Perfect mix CD for a nighttime drive sipping a spiked cherry limeade Route 44 from Sonic.

3. Grassed Inn by Blank Realms: Good record to blast with the windows down, driving to the lake to catch some rays.

4. It’s Alive by La Luz: You like monster movies … ’cause we do.

5. Through the Mysts of Time by Barracudas: What says summer more than rock-and-roll spelling errors?

– Compiled by Sam Boatright, Aaron Marable, Josh Berwanger and Kelly Corcoran
Love Garden Sounds, 822 Massachusetts, Lawrence,

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