Stuff Crazy White People Like: 3 ways rightbloggers deal (or don’t) with race

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You may have noticed the controversy over last week’s Village Voice cover story, “White America Has Lost Its Mind

by Steven Thrasher. The story has drawn at this writing more than a

thousand comments, many of them devoted to proving Thrasher’s

proposition by example.

Among the more choice reader contributions:

“Of course white people have lost their minds. they have to live with

inferior niggers and leftie white trash…” “You’ve just proved to

everyone who reads this that you and your fellow members of Diversity

Gang are anti-white morons…” “The Democratic Party is an anti-white

hate party… Look folks, if you’re white, the left and the Democratic


Surprised? We weren’t. In the years we’ve been covering rightbloggers,

we’ve seen these themes come up time and again, though usually in

subtler forms.

The means of expression are diverse, but they tend to stick to three

basic approaches which over time become easy to recognize. We’ll lay

them out for you after the jump:

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