Studies in Crap: The ‘Ravenous Chinese Amazons’ of Watergate Mastermind E. Howard Hunt’s ’60s Spy Novels

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One of Our Agents is Missing & The Mongol Mask

Author: David St. John, aka E. Howard Hunt

Date: 1967 & 1968

Publisher: Dell

The Cover Promises:
“Atomic sex and a deadly game of overlove as Peter Ward, C.I.A. superstud, swings into torrid action.”

Representative Quotes:

  • “Unlike Chinese custom, Japanese breasts were not bound from childhood, and the postwar craze for cosmetic surgery had converted many deficient musumes into mammary marvels.” ( One of Our Agents is Missing, page 26)

  • “Concealed between the sheepskins of Arslan’s bed he found a sizable dildo and a short, sharp dagger.” (The Mongol Mask , page 122).
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