Strictly Strange Tour

Tech N9ne‘s recent work — like the much-marketed July release, Killer — has seen Kansas City’s most famous rapper moving further and further afield of the gangster-leaning prescription of his own genre. (Imagine the occult yawp of Marilyn Manson whipped through the roadrunning flow of Twista.) Call Tech N9ne what you want — there’s a lot of that going around nowadays — but don’t call him uninspired or unsuccessful. Decades deep into his career, the diminutive Tech stands alongside a stable of maturing artists at his Strange Music label as an underground juggernaut of Plutonic proportions. Kids, especially those crazy, ICP-loving juggalos, can’t seem to get enough of the man. Join the youthful dipsomania tonight at the Uptown Theater when Tech and his Strange protégés take the stage with an impressive display of pop-locking and pyrotechnics.

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