Stretch on stage with Guy Fieri at the Midland tonight

When Stretch takes the stage at the Midland for the Guy Fieri Roadshow tonight (tickets are still available), it will be as the guest chef who is ready to demonstrate that local cuisine rocks as hard as the headliner.

“The difference between rock and roll bands and us is that rock n’ roll

bands don’t do a show every night,” says Stretch, the owner of Grinders and Grinders West, who has spent the last three weeks touring with Fieri as part of the traveling live food show.

“This is food meets performance art. It’s not just a cooking class. In Guy’s terminology this is a food-a-palooza,” says Stretch.

A DJ blasts rock n’ roll from an orange shag-covered DJ booth as Australian flair bartender Hayden “Woody” Wood does a series of dazzling bottle tricks. Throw in some stories from Fieri and Stretch, as well as the monster margarita machine built by Stretch (pictured above) and you’ve got the ingredients for a high-energy evening.

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