Stik Figa, Mackenzie Nicole, Hyborian, and more local music videos

This month’s Cine Local is jam-packed. Hip hop? We got it. Dance pop? Yup. Metal? So much. It’s a treasure trove of visual riches which will whet your appetite for tantalizing new tunes from Kansas City and the surrounding area. Let’s go.

Stik Figa, “Goats” 

Our first two videos come from the new EDP Records release, Westside Alumni, which is a collaboration between two genius Topeka rappers, Stik Figa and Str8jakkett; the latter formerly of DVS Mindz. The EP features Stik taking the lead on the first four cuts, with Str8jakkett featuring on each. The third track, “Goats,” sees Stik taking on all rappers you might consider the greatest of all time, and working in a great Highlander reference at the same time.

You can stream Westside Alumni on Spotify.

Str8jakkett, “Westside Story” feat. Rebecca

Str8jakkett takes the lead on the final cut from Westside Alumni, hitting hard with a cut that takes the idea of “Goats” and runs with it. From behind the wheel of a Mercedes, the rapper makes the case that Top City and the Midwest is full of talents that’s been “slept on and overlooked, tired of being stepped on and thrown the book.” It slaps hard, but really gives the beat time to ride, and that Rebecca hook is smooth as silk.

Fredd1e Fresh, “Watermelon Brisk” 

Absolutely drenched in neon color, and featuring a dude dancing in a dog costume, this video is the sunniest goddamn thing you’ll see in the midst of a Midwestern winter. Fredd1e and his crew are having a party on the lawn, and enough Snapchat effects to crash your phone float across the screen. It’s a glorious vision, and I want to hit up the corner store, grab a bottle of the titular beverage, and join ’em all.

Other Americans, “Memory” 

A trio of local drag kings and queens take on the Mensa Deathsquad remix for this cut from Other Americans’ new EP, OA2. Ms.Amanda Love, Joseline Price, and Novacayne Demornay lip-sync and groove on stage to this electronic banger, replete with the blurred vision and over-saturated colors we’ve come to expect from Other Americans’ videos. Other Americans’ OA2 is streaming on Spotify, as is the new Mensa Deathsquad album, Patient Zero.

Radkey live at Paste Studios 

The trio cranks through “Dark Black Makeup,” from Delicious Rock Noise, as well as No Strange Cats‘ “St. Elwood” and “P.A.W.” at the Paste Studio in Atlanta. It’s always a blast to see Radkey live, and while you can check out each of these songs separately, it’s kind of a kick to see the whole thing, replete with some really awkward banter from the guy conducting the interview.

Radkey plays the Bottleneck on Saturday, February 22, with openers Westerners, Vedettes, and Action Boys. Details on that show here.

Hammerlord, “Extensive Enterprises” 

Nearly five years ago, an episode of the Nerds of Nostalgia podcast featured cuts from what was supposed to be the upcoming Hammerlord LP. The metal band’s been on hiatus since their last show, which was their 2016 Hammerween spectacular at the Granada, but announced around the start of the new year that there’d be new music on the way. So, here we are: “Extensive Enterprises,” the first official release of the Hammerlord track that’s been gestating lo these many years. It rips, unsurprisingly, and there’s some great vintage live footage to watch while you bang your head clean off.

Orphans of Doom, “Necromantic” 

Since the release of Orphans of Doom’s first LP, Strange Worlds/Fierce Gods, in January of 2018, the band’s gone from a three-piece to a four-piece, with frontman Jeremy Isaacson switching from bass to guitar, while Justin Mantooth is the new bassist. It’s allowed the band’s sound to get faster and heavier on their forthcoming sophomore release for the Company, the aptly-titled II. In this furious video for “Necromantic,” you can check out the revised lineup. It’s still heavy, but now it sounds like they’ve really been listening to a bunch of Motorhead. The band released a video for “New Ishtar,” as well and you should totally check it out.

Orphans of Doom’s album release for II is at the Riot Room on Friday, February 28, with 34, Druids, and Leering Heathens. Details on that show here. You can pre-order II (in a variety of vinyl versions) from the webstore.

Mackenzie Nicole, “Heart of Darkness” 

Mackenzie Nicole’s follow-up to her debut album, The Edge, is entitled Mystic, and releases on Friday, February 14. While the pop singer’s first LP was polished to a gleaming sheen, this is something quite different. It’s indie-dance pop as all hell, and it seems like Nicole has really embraced a sense of freedom. The lyrics for the song are pretty bleak, as befits a song based on the Joseph Conrad novel of the same name, as are the ones for the follow-up, “Fun.” The singer is definitely getting some stuff off her chest, and it’s cathartically danceable.

You can pre-order Mystic here.

Hyborian, “Expanse”

KC metal quartet Hyborian is releasing their new LP, Volume II, with a show at the Riot Room on Friday, March 20. Hyborian is one of the many great area metal bands that seem to be bubbling up. While their debut saw the band really dabbling in some Robert E. Howard material, on the new record the band goes for broke, tying it into a book written by frontman Martin Bush.

Catch Hyborian at the Replay this Friday, February 7, along with Bloom and Migrator. Details on that show here. You can pre-order Volume II from Season of Mist’s webstore.

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