Stephen Colbert gets truthy with Congress; rightbloggers scream like stuck eagles (and so do MSM reporters)

Rightbloggers don’t like truthiness.

Long, bitter experience — and long, bitter comments at this blog

— have taught us that if there’s anything conservatives hate more than

Big Gummint and homosexuals, it’s someone making fun of them. The

outrage that Boss Tweed expressed over “them damned pictures

of himself drawn by Thomas Nast is as nothing compared to that of your

typical right-winger who suspects he, or his idol, has been mocked.

So the moment it was announced that TV satirist Stephen Colbert would be testifying before Congress

on behalf of a migrant farm workers’ rights bill, rightbloggers soared

to the highest of dudgeons. How dare this comedian sully the seriousness

of a legislature where Michele Bachmann hoped to be joined by Christine O’Donnell? Had he no sense of decorum?

In this cause, rightbloggers received some extra help from big-time

media outlets who may have their own reasons for wanting Colbert and

people like him out of the picture.

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