Stephanie Blaco of The Mixing Bowl finds redemption as restaurant owner

1 Me N Dad

Stephanie and her dad behind the counter at The Mixing Bowl. // Photo Courtesy of The Mixing Bowl

Just under two years out of prison, Stephanie Blaco has found redemption in serving homestyle cooking to the community. In December, Blaco celebrated one year as owner of the The Mixing Bowl on Southwest Boulevard.

Stephanie Blaco’s former life—typified by drug abuse and scams—earned herself a spot in the Fox 4 News Problem Solvers Hall of Shame. However, Blaco has put her past to bed in favor of becoming a well-respected local business owner.

Blaco wasn’t supposed to be out of prison until May 2023 but received notice she would be sent home in May 2020. “It was then I knew God has big plans for me,” says Blaco.

Blaco claims to have truly found herself in her last few months at the Johnson County Jail—without access to the time of day, books, or even a pen and paper.

“Today, I love Stephanie, and I’ve never been able to say that before. There is nothing that would ever send me back to prison,” says Blaco.

After being let out of court, Blaco immediately called Journey to a New Life and was accepted straightaway. In December 2020 Blaco’s father bought The Mixing Bowl for her as a testament to the growth he had witnessed—he could see she’d changed by simply looking her in the eyes. Blaco emphasized the importance of the development of her relationship with her father from thereon.

“He’s my best friend, we’re always together. He’s helped me a lot,” says Blaco.

Being a business owner is important in more ways than one for Stephanie Blaco. She stressed that being in charge of The Mixing Bowl has helped her stay out of trouble and remain focused. But don’t just take her word for it—employees and customers alike have reiterated time and time again the amount of effort Blaco puts into her new profession.

More importantly, though, is the ability to give back. Blaco noted that her past life was one of taking, but with The Mixing Bowl she has found ways pay it forward.

Notably, The Mixing Bowl provided for the unhoused on Thanksgiving, feeding all who showed up to the restaurant along with delivering 75 meals around the Kansas City metro. A similar change in spirit can be seen in catering efforts for a Be the Boss business support group meeting.

“I’ve taken from so many people, so it’s an honor to be able to take care of them and give back to the community,” says Blaco.

To support Stephanie Blaco and The Mixing Bowl, follow them on Facebook or Instagram, and drop by for a good hearty meal. Restaurant hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 7 a.m.-2 p.m., located at 2934 SW Blvd.


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