Stealing Time: Thigpen dumps skeleton for Starr?

Tony’s Kansas City runs with the rumor that skeleton-humping Chiefs quarterback Tyler Thigpen is dating 38 the Spot Simpsons

quiz master Holly Starr. No wonder the charity dates for “southern gentleman” Thigpen and Starr are double dates. You totally won’t be a third wheel if you bid on

Starr or Thigpen. Well, maybe if Thigpen brings along his skeleton.

McClatchy Watch wonders if an unnamed Kansas City Star journalist is posting on and isn’t a fan of publisher Mark Zieman. Hat tip to Will Not Be Televised.

Anheuser-Busch’s Clydesdales are moving — but not to Belgium or the glue factory.

Union Station is begging for a down payment on a cheeseburger … again.

Nick Sloan breaks down Kansas City’s best sports rivalries. MU-KU? Chiefs-Raiders? Royals-Cardinals? My vote: David Glass vs. Royals fans. But Arrowhead Addict vs. “Harm” Edwards is getting good.

Justin Kendall

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