Stealing Time: Raiders suck worse than Chiefs

The Chiefs won! It wasn’t pretty, but today lacks the usual stink of failure. “Thanks to luck and horrid coaching on the part of the Raiders or this one might have turned out different,” Arrowhead Addict writes. “As long as the Chiefs find a way to beat the Donkey’s [Denver Broncos] and the Raiders

at least once during the season I can stomach them only winning a

couple games.” Maybe he’ll finally take the bag off his head.

12th and Main wonders if the Hawthorn Plaza Hotel renovation project at 39th and Main deserves TIF. Even if it doesn’t, 12th and Main offers some great TIF-free tips for giving the area CPR.

Obama won the youth vote in Kansas, 51 percent to 49 percent. Kansas GOP Executive Director Christian Morgan blames Obama’s “coolness factor.” No comment on John McCain’s lameness factor.

Just in time for the holidays, the Lawrence Journal-World (actually, via the McClatchy wire) explains why you just can’t dump your loser boyfriend. Dump him now and you don’t have to buy him a Christmas present.

FuKCedCity shares a cool scene from Saturday’s Border War. Nick Sloan says “evil won” Saturday. I did get a kick out of the largest coach in the land flapping his arms after Kerry Meier’s touchdown in the waning seconds of the game. Indeed, blue wings rising.

 — Justin Kendall

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