Stealing Time: Obama totally has the power of Grayskull

So today, Prince Barack Obama becomes He-Man: Master of the Universe. I just know he’s totally going to throw up his power sword in front of Castle Grayskull and scream “I have the power” or something and ride away on a giant tiger. At least, those were my expectations until I read Just Cara’s reality check this morning. So thanks a lot, Cara. Here’s her advice to the millions — and millions — with high expectations.”Don’t defer to one man’s judgment. Don’t assume that because he talks

a good game, he’ll play a good game. Don’t bend your morals when the

wind blows so hard it knocks over 2 buildings in Lower Manhattan. Speak up and stand up against him when he goes off course. It’s not

unAmerican to do so – it is our duty. We are in power. WE.” I like my version better.

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