Stealing Time: Ladies love the Funk

Recruiterlcious writes a love letter to super-sized Mayor Mark Funkhouser. She wants Gloria’s man and recalls feeling a “spark” when drunkenly flirting with Funk at Harry’s. The best part: Gloria death glaring at the inebriated blogger as she fawned over her gigantic squeeze.

A 3.0 average will get you on one of the Olathe School District’s three honor rolls. Three honor rolls? Honoring a 3.0 only waters down a list that should be only the “best and the brightest,” KC Meesha writes.

Day 52 of the Jackson County ethics crisis has Dan from Gone Mild wondering why The Kansas City Star doesn’t devote more coverage to JaCo government. Uh, Kathryn Shields is gone.

The Kansas Meadowlark wonders if the FDIC should stop Bank of Blue Valley from offering high CD rates to prevent future losses.

Check out this new blog: The Henry Wiggen Blog. Hat tip to Nick Sloan.

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