Split Ends

Hey, Jehudah: Thank you for presenting an in-depth article on the Temple B’nai Jehudah problems (T.R. Witcher’s “Temple Tantrum,” September 26). He interviewed many people and presented a nonbiased presentation.

Ev Gelb

Kansas City, Missouri

Car Wars

Brawl in the family: Regarding Angela Angotti’s letter in the October 3 issue: It is unfortunate after the printing of Allie Johnson’s “Hell On Wheels” (September 5) that you and your sister have been put in this kind of situation. You have your father to thank for that.

As for his termination from Albright Roberts and his thirteen years of loyal service, I believe someone isn’t telling you the truth. This would be a good question next time over dinner with dear old Dad. Don’t you think?

Also, your timetables are totally off. You left the KC area well over three years ago and moved back here over the summer. I guess you are magic and can be several places at once.

And as far as Daddy Pete associating himself with the wrong people: Did anyone hold a gun to his head to marry me or be friends with repeat offenders? As for my credibility, it seems several law enforcement branches don’t find me so off the wall, either.

Adrienne Marie Angotti

Kansas City, Missouri

Sick Leave

License to ill: I wanted to thank Deb Hipp for the investigative article on Dr. Louis Culp (“No Contest,” August 1). He was my doctor for 38 and a half years. I so regret what has happened to him.

He is a dear man who was a terrific doctor to all his patients. I know in my heart he is not guilty of the things he is being punished for. I can only think that greed was the motive for anyone accusing him of wrongdoing. It is such a shame that someone could ruin his life.

Thank you again for your work. We appreciated it.

Dora Best

Kansas City, Missouri

Pros and Cons
Prisoners like us!: Recently, I was fortunate enough to receive an issue of your publication and was thrilled. You see, I have been away from the KC area for four and a half years now, and it’s the first time I’ve seen your paper since. I used to surf your pages quite frequently and enjoyed it very much.

I am currently doing a stretch in the federal joint in El Reno, Oklahoma, and have a couple of calendars left to go. I just wanted to write and say that you’re still kickin’ ass with your editorials and overall coverage of what’s happening around the city.

Peace & out,

Rocky Flynn

El Reno, Oklahoma