Spendy Entertainment

For anyone who feels unmoored in a holiday season without the Kansas City Repertory Theatre’s A Christmas Carol, here’s a buoy to cling to. At tonight’s Holiday Brouhaha, a fundraiser for the excellent Actors Theatre of Kansas City, patron-of-the-arts types will be treated to a reading of Daniel Sullivan’s holiday lark Inspecting Carol, a sly farce about a failing Midwestern theater company’s last go at the Dickens classic. For your $125 (or more) ticket, expect fine catering and all the classy fundraiser trappings, but the true draw is any Actors Theatre performance. This one, presented at 6:30 p.m. in the Liberty Memorial’s World War I Museum (100 West 26th Street), is directed by John Rensenhouse, and it stars several of Kansas City’s most gifted performers: Mark Robbins, Gary Holcombe, Melinda McCrary and Walter Coppage (The Pitch‘s 2009 Best Actor). For more information, see kcactors.org. For tickets, call 816-235-6222.

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