Songs of Solomon

Songs of Solomon

A room with a pew: Regarding Casey Logan’s “Love Thy Neighbor” (November 15), about Troy Covey: It is disgusting. He left out a few facts.

He left out interviewing the assistant pastor, the dance instructor and the building manager. He neglected to mention the free dinners given to the homeless on Sunday nights and the outreaches, the tent revivals and the guests from all over the nation. He did not list how many salvations have taken place at Solomon’s Porch, or how many divine healings. Neither did he note how many people have been delivered from demons or drugs and set free. He failed to mention that most of the neighbors are gay, and that the other neighbors (the Khalsas) are not Christian.

The pitchfork of Satan — the Pitch — which glorifies sex, every religion except Christianity, tattoos, astrology and every evil thing this world has to offer — is a total disgrace.

Maybe Logan will get saved. It would help his writing skills.

Christina Kanas

Kansas City, Kansas

He sells sanctuary: When I learned that the Pitch was going to do an article about my church, Solomon’s Porch, I was excited that many hurting young people — as well as the homeless, hungry, addicted and lonely — would learn that there is a place where they can come and find people who’d love them, and, more importantly, find God’s love.

Instead I read a distorted, hurtful condemnation of my precious pastor (who also consistently takes those mentioned above into his own home and dedicates his entire life to helping others). I am truly sorry for the way some neighbors feel, and maybe some problems could be alleviated by better communication. Let’s see — in his very limited time, my pastor must decide whose calls he must put as a priority to return: the several who have become homeless and need help, the one about to commit suicide, the one whose son has overdosed on drugs or the complaint that he has put a (state-required) chain link fence outside for the child care center (to assist single moms trying to get off welfare).

I am incredulous to learn that what some find really important are the pews, the ceiling, or a chain link fence. Is that the purpose of a church? The building? Or is it for the lives of hurting people to be changed? Someone stated that Troy Covey did not understand that he was “moving into a neighborhood, but only saw that he was purchasing a parcel of property.” I submit that some others didn’t understand that they were moving into a neighborhood with a church on the corner. They merely saw a church building.

Kim Smith

Kansas City, Missouri

Exit Wound

A scar is torn: Regarding Allie Johnson’s “Hearse Nurse” (November 1): I find it absolutely appalling that years after Richard Williams, our loved one, was cleared of these allegations, he and his family are still being unjustly accused. We believe Johnson did not research the facts to the fullest.

Johnson wrote that Mr. Havrum had health problems that “lingered from his injuries” sustained while in the service. There could have been a number of medical problems that contributed to his death, such as poor circulation due to his emphysema that could cause a buildup of codeine in one’s system. These things Johnson would have known if the proper research was conducted. Our hearts go out to the Havrum family for their loss.

Richard is not known to his family and friends as a creepy-looking and dumpy man, as a doctor portrayed him. This also would have been known had Johnson researched Richard’s background as a loving and caring husband, brother, son, father, uncle and much, much more.

Carol Liebig and the family of Richard Williams

Brandenburg, Kentucky