Sondre Lerche

Some people possess the type of adorable personality that makes Care Bears seem like juvenile delinquents. People like Sondre Lerche. The Norway native’s online journal expounds on the virtues of green papaya (“Such a good fruit when eaten at the right time and place”) with the same enthusiasm he projects in interviews. But the troubadour backs up his sparkling disposition with a knack for equally lovely songwriting. He released Faces Down in 2001 as a doe-eyed, mop-topped 18-year-old and quickly solidified his role as the Euro version of indie wunderkind Conor Oberst with this year’s Two Way Monologue. This show also marks a homecoming for the Golden Republic (formerly the People), a Kansas City talent with a new contract (with Astralwerks) and a new EP (People, see review, page 53) to celebrate.

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