Sneak Peek at New Queens Club Video on Stickam

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Got no place to be on a Friday night? Queens Club is streaming behind-the-scenes footage of their new music video tonight. I found out about this in a Myspace bulletin posted by the band. But you have to go to the Stickam Web site for the video. Stickam is yet another social networking site, one with an emphasis on interactive video, apparently. I’ve never used it before, but, presumably, if you go to Queens Club’s Stickam profile at 8 p.m. EST (7 p.m. by KC clocks), you’ll be able to see the making of the “Haunted House” video, directed by Alex Purifoy. He must be good friends with the band. My favorite Queens Club song “Nightmarer” is the soundtrack to the demo reel on his Web site.

Crystal K. Wiebe

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