Smith Westerns

“I wish I had sworn on this album so I could’ve gotten one of those P.A. explicit labels,” the Smith Westerns tweeted when its second record, Dye It Blonde, came out last month. It may not sport an eye-catching parental-advisory sticker, but Dye It Blonde does brighten up Smith Westerns’ glammy, garage-rock hooks with some studio gloss that wasn’t on the Chicago band’s self-titled debut. (It makes sense: That first record was recorded when the band was still a troupe of awkward teenagers.) After hearing Beach House playing in the background at a Georgia location of Chili’s — home of the Presidente Margarita — Smith Westerns asked, via Twitter hashtag, #howdowegetplayedinchilis? The answer: Probably just write a song about baby-back ribs — though that’s not the one to drop an f-bomb on if you want any of that sweet Chili’s cash to roll in.

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