Skyler Meyers’ big adventure

We already told you about Rockhurst grad student Skyler Meyers attempt to raise $9,800 for Kansas City Missouri’s School District to buy new books by biking to the Continental Divide.

​Well, Meyers returned from 800 miles of pedaling last Friday with $2,200 in donations. The cash might be short of the goal for now, but the Children’s Plus Web site is still accepting donations for the next six weeks. Here are some stories from Meyers’ trek that should inspire you to send some money, and give you some tips on riding across three states. You’re first lesson is this — never rely on Wal-Mart.

After a celebratory send-off featuring the new superintendent, Dr.

Covington, giving some words of encouragement, Meyers made it one day

on without problems. Then his back tire started to go out.

“I had to stop, unload all my gear, changed it and realized it was

going low again,” Meyers says. “I had to do it five times to keep it

rideable. I was completely dehydrated. I woke up the next morning

totally miserable.”

Meyers made it a considerable distance on the highway going against

the wind with a bum wheel, riding with metal scraping against the

asphalt. He hoped a mega-store like Wal-Mart would carry the basics of

tire repair, but it turns out that if you’re riding a Schwinn you’re

out of luck.

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