Skaters is at the Czar Wednesday night

On its debut record, Manhattan, Skaters – from, you guessed it, Manhattan – doesn’t really push the envelope too much. The group writes songs about what they know: living in New York City, being young, partying and making romantic connections that are less about emotional attachment and more about who looks the best when you’re wearing beer goggles.

Skaters uses electronic drumbeats, synths and distorted vocals because that’s what they believe music must sound like today, not because it really makes sense. But Skaters isn’t trying to impress anyone. Manhattan is more like a Kerouac ode to living the slightly disheveled sweet life in the country’s capital of instant gratification. If nothing else, you’ve got to admire a band that doesn’t shove dirty laundry under the bed just because there’s company. 

Details here

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