Single Sentence Singles from RileyePnP, Guillotine Choir, Solohawk, and more

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In an effort to keep you all abreast of the latest local music that’s not album or music video related, we’re launching a new, irregular feature, called Single Sentence Singles. We’ll take a listen to the latest local singles to hit Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, et al, and sum them up in one sentence. Simple enough? Here we go.

RileyPnp, “Dr. Yop”

Riley’s dropped six tracks this year, and each has been better than the last, but the VisuBeats-produced “Dr. Yop” is the best of the batch, floating the rapper’s lyrics as it does above a murky vocal and dreamy piano line.

Solohawk, “The End Is Here” / “All Those Other Things”

The acoustic side project of Til Willis and Steve Faceman, Solohawk might not be as prodigiously prolific as Erratic Cowboy, but it’s no less effective, thanks to the “poignant bit of dark humor from the isolation of quarantine” in these two tracks, with the first cut’s darkness balanced by the familial moments of the second.

The Guillotine Choir, “What Tomorrow Brings” 

The dark and danceable grooves of the Philistines are explored more deeply in this side project, featuring that band’s Cody Wyoming and Kimmie Queen, along with Justin Muschinske from The Widows Ride, and while it’s gothy as all hell, the music still manages to rock your socks off.

The Jinxed, “World on Fire” 

It’s been nearly 7 years since the Jinxed released their single, “The Loon,” which is no surprise given the fact that vocalist and guitarist Bobby Wayne’s musical compatriot, Jon Ulasien, is busy making all kinds of videos around the metro, but this bit of poppy alt-rock is worth the wait, thanks to a chorus which begs to be sung along to.

Bootkrieg, “Boots on the Street”

I’ve no idea who’s actually behind this single, mysterious track dropped onto Bandcamp last week, but the note-perfect glam meets oi sound, mixed with anti-MAGA lyrics brings the spirit of ’77 straight to the modern era, replete with gang vocals and a ripping guitar line.

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