Shut the cluck up, Jeneé — Chick-fil-A doesn’t need your help

  • What the cluck, Jeneé?

Sometimes I feel sorry for Jeneé Osterheldt.

The Kansas City Star’s longest-serving intern knows that every time she posts one of her commerce-friendly, minimally reasoned columns on the paper’s website, she’s going to get trolled. Commenters don’t question her preschool logic or call her to account for her sub-Kardashian shallowness. That might be amusing. No, they instead see her byline and go, “Yeah, this is the perfect place to parrot a Libertarian talking point, go full Fox-tard or maybe try out a little light hate speech.”

That’s depressing, and I wish those of you doing it would stop. I don’t want to feel bad for the city’s worst writer.

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