Short-Bus Superstars

Ad Astra Per Aspera, Cubic Zirconia (Big Brown Shark). Intricate art-rock disrupts the space-time continuum by cramming more layered textures, brooding atmospherics and squawking freakouts into 21 minutes than anyone thought possible. Stephen Hawking is pissed.

The Casket Lottery, Smoke & Mirrors (Second Nature). All the frayed nerves, wrenching lyrics and conflicted emotions you might expect of a faltering local favorite playing its own funeral dirge.

The Esoteric, 1336 (Black Noise). Four scalding shriekfests that disintegrate your eardrums into finely ground powder and leave you simultaneously pleading against — and panting for — a fifth song.

The Golden Republic, People (Astralwerks). The Republic enters the beginning of its golden age by bringing more power to the people in a bite-sized precursor to its official Astralwerks coronation.

SoundsGood, Money/Pacin (Innatesounds). Miles Bonny and Joe Good play good cop, better cop as they police hip-hop with a head-bobbing, tag-teaming taste of the upcoming Biscuits and Gravy.

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