Shock Treatment opens its third room tonight, so get ready to ghost hunt. Plus, plans for a spooky speakeasy

There’s something seriously wrong in Apartment 1B, and you’re going to figure it out. Yes, you, a newbie ghost hunter with S.T.R.A.N.G.E. investigations, will enter this New York City studio apartment and unspool what’s spooked Mr. and Mrs. White.

This is the latest interactive horror experience at Shock Treatment (1735 Swift, North Kansas City), and it opens tonight. I was one of the test dummies thrown into this otherworldly experience earlier this week, and it’s like living out a horror movie. I don’t want to give too much away. I’ll say this: It starts as a slow burner and then shit goes south and it’s a lot of fun. So get ready for EVPs, EMFs and a some surprises.

Apartment 1B is a two-person room, so take a friend. Find out more info here. The other rooms open are Kemler Labs (zombies!) and Dinner for Four, which I’ve yet to play — but plan to do so soon.

Also in the works at Shock Treatment: a speakeasy, with a tentative opening set for October. (Everything depends on how quickly its liquor license is approved.)

Shock Treatment’s Adam Roberts says construction is just beginning. He says the speakeasy will have “a Gothic/horror” theme, with the “intimate” bar seating about 30 people. The cocktail menu will feature about 10 rotating signature drinks (mostly using booze from local distilleries) and about eight craft beers on tap.

The plan is for the speakeasy to have its own hours (Thursday through Sunday), with a separate street entrance, but it’ll definitely be open while the rooms are operating, Roberts says. So this will be a good place to fortify your nerves before getting up close and personal with a zombie.

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