She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge, or so claim DJs Justin Warfield and Adam 12. If you ask her, the reasons are pretty clear, too. See, she always hated Joy Division, ever since her first boyfriend killed himself high on their postpunk misery. Two decades later, along comes Interpol, and memories come rushing back. She begins drinking. She loses her job. All she can think about is how Ian Curtis ruined her life with his moody droning, especially on “She’s Lost Control” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” That’s why she decides to do something about it. Maybe that’s what was going through Warfield and Adam 12’s heads when they created this meta-new-wave romp. It’s such a dead-on stylistic reproduction that it has to be conscious, all but copying Joy Division titles with “Out of Control” and “Tear You Apart.” And if it’s not intentional, then we want revenge.

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