Shatto’s Candy Corn Milk is like a bowl of candy milk

  • Trick or Treat? You can now decide on Shatto’s Candy Corn Milk.

Shatto’s Candy Corn milk – the Osborn dairy’s final limited release flavor – hit shelves yesterday. And the faintly orange milk is what I imagine it would be like to drink milk from the bottom of the candy bowl. Shatto has released seven limited edition flavors [birthday cake, blueberry, chocolate cherry, mint chocolate, cookies and cream and apple pie] in honor of its 10th anniversary this year.

The candy corn milk had echoes of the birthday cake milk (the previous release) in that both shared the sweetness profile of the cupcakes in a grocery store bakery. Ultimately this is Halloween in milk form, in as much as Shatto’s pumpkin spice eggnog is a taste of fall. With seven new flavors in the books, which should Shatto bring back for years to come?

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