Shatto Milk’s Matt Shatto talks nostalgia, nutrition, and new products for National Milk Day

A machine fills a glass bottle of Shatto milk.

A machine fills an iconic glass bottle of Shatto Milk. // Courtesy of Shatto Milk Company

January 11 is National Milk Day, a holiday that marks the first time milk was delivered to the doors of American homes inside wax-sealed glass bottles in the year 1878. We celebrated National Milk Day by chatting with Matt Shatto, founder and CEO of Shatto Milk Company.

Shatto Milk Company is a family-owned and operated dairy farm and processing facility located in Osborn, MO, just north of Kansas City. Shatto’s ancestors ran dairy farms for over 100 years, so, naturally, his family today turned that multi-generational passion into their livelihood.

In addition to classic white milk, some of their unique flavored milks include root beer, cookies and cream, banana, and cotton candy, as well as seasonal flavors and special limited-edition flavors, such as the Chiefs’ post-season red velvet flavor. They make additional products such as cheese, butter, and ice cream.

Plus, Shatto let us in on a big announcement: new Shatto Milk products will hit stores Jan. 30. Expect three different flavors of cow’s-milk coffee creamers by the end of the month.

In 2015, Shatto Milk launched their home delivery service, offering over 1,500 dairy products for delivery directly to your door. Shatto says, “Milkmen were family and community staples. I really want to focus on that relationship between our families. That’s exactly what we were trying to recreate. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. We’re just trying to bring back old-fashioned experience.” The old-school glass bottles that Shatto Milk is packaged in help add to that nostalgic experience.

Shatto describes a typical day on the dairy farm: “Our skilled individuals that work with our bovine friends on a daily basis ensure that they are fed the best feed and are taken care of while at the same time ensuring that they get milked the needed amount so they’re comfortable.”

Glass-bottled milk is an icon of American history and a longstanding staple in our nutrition. Shatto Milk Company keeps that history alive right here in our city.

Shatto Milk Company is located at 9406 N Hwy 33, Osborn, MO 64474. Guided tours of the dairy farm and its processing facility are also available. Children two and under may attend for free. You can call (816) 930-3862 to inquire about ticket prices and arrange a tour.

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