Shatto Ice Cream Sammiches are all about the cookies

  • Chocolate Chip and vanilla ice cream are meant to be together.

When I grabbed a Shatto Ice Cream Sammich out of the freezer at the Prairie Village Hy-Vee, I almost put it back. A single sammich costs $3.99. At that price, unless it’s filled with meat and cheese, it’s hard to justify the cost. So while I like you readers, I wasn’t ready to drop a $20 bill to try all four flavors (vanilla and chocolate chip, caramel sea salt and oatmeal-raisin, vanilla and chocolate brownie, and strawberry and sugar cookie). But then I opened the package, and my sticker shock turned to shock over the incredible cookies made by Erin Reynolds Brown, the owner of the Dolce Baking Co. and Shatto’s partner in its latest product.

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