Shall We Play a Game?

Where have you gone, Matthew Broderick? Men of a certain age turn their weary eyes to you. But you look even wearier than we feel. We see you, bow-tied and pale, carrying Sarah Jessica Parker’s purse at premieres and wishing you were anywhere else. We wanted your adulthood to be as cool as your adolescence — a 40-something Ferris Bueller. But even your character from Election is more invigorated. We want back that guy who made it cool to be geeky, whose first kiss (and possibly last, before maybe inadvertently blowing up the world) was with über-cute, pre–Breakfast Club Ally Sheedy. Well, for one night at least, we can have you back, when John Badham’s 1983 Cold War thriller WarGames screens at
6 p.m. at the Kansas City, Kansas, Public
Library (625 Minnesota Avenue, 913-551-3280) as part of its I Love the ’80s Film Series. See for details.

Thu., May 19, 6 p.m., 2011