Sexystakes: Choosing this year’s Best Sexy Musician

Another year of Best Ofs, another hot KC mofo crowned Best Sexy Musician.

This year, our staff didn’t have to deliberate too hard to choose the charming, handsome and genuinely sweet Enrique Chi of the magnificent Making Movies.

A few of us (well, me) wanted to see a lady get it this year, but Chi’s chi was just too hot ‘n strawng.

Our Best Of profiler (whose identity shall remain anonymous lest any significant others and/or current flirtations be offended) wrote:

Enrique Javier Chi must inspire butterflies and perspiration in the kids he mentors at the Mattie Rhodes Center, ’cause the soft-spoken, dreadlocked, Panamanian-born musician sure sparkles with charm. It doesn’t matter if his lush lips are issuing coffee-shop talk about social issues — in the faintest accent — or he’s singing onstage in Spanish (or English). Sweet Chi fronts the band Making Movies, which blends rock and roll with Latin-music traditions. And when he starts tossing his dready head and unconsciously foot shuffling to his band’s rock-embedded salsa rhythms, it’s hard not to throw a bra and roses.

Congrats, Enrique. I’d say you earned that one.

Ah, but there’s more sexy to be had yet. For one thing, who was this year’s Readers’ Choice? Glad you asked…

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