Sergio Vega helps put the tone back in Deftones

Sergio Vega first encountered the Sacramento, California, metal band Deftones on the 1995 Warped Tour, when Vega’s old outfit, Quicksand, shared the bill. After that, in 1997, the darkly atmospheric Deftones took Quicksand on the road and, in 1999, first recruited Vega to fill in for bassist Chi Cheng for a month’s worth of dates. Since 2008, Vega has been the long-term substitute for Cheng, who was sidelined after a much-publicized car accident that year — Cheng is officially reported to be in a “minimally conscious” comalike state. Vega spoke to The Pitch about Diamond Eyes, the band’s latest album — and its first without Cheng.

The Pitch: How much creative input did you have on Diamond Eyes?

Sergio Vega: We basically went into a room and jammed out a record from scratch. We’ve been friends for a while, so we have a very similar aesthetic. We just picked up instruments and banged out a record.

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