Sen. Pat Roberts watches Kathleen Sebelius on The Daily Show, doesn’t like what he sees, wants her to resign

Kathleen Sebelius strutted confidently onstage to meet The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart earlier this week – it didn’t go so well for the former Kansas governor.

Most of the time, interviews with Stewart are whimsical, in keeping with Comedy Central’s reason for existence. But other times, Stewart eschews the guffaws and can volley tougher questions than any other talk-show hosts elsewhere on the cable-television dial.

Sebelius, the secretary of Human Health and Services, got the Bad Cop Stewart treatment when she was trotted out the other night to defend Obamacare’s difficult start. We’re not talking about the ineffective posturing in Congress to strip the health-care law’s funding that has led to the government shutdown, but rather the glitches in the system that have frustrated people trying to scope out the health-care exchanges.

Sebelius was clumsy at times, fielding Stewart’s queries about Obamacare’s bumpy rollout, meekly lobbing promises about it that rang hollow.

“Why is it so hard?” Stewart asked.

“It’s better today than it was yesterday, and it will keep getting better,” Sebelius promised.

Even though software and server issues persist in keeping people in the dark.

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts flipped away from Fox News long enough to take in Sebelius’ performance. It might have been the last straw for the career politician who on Friday called her Sebelius’ resignation.

“This week, Sebelius continued wasting taxpayer dollars on advertising and promotional tours,” Roberts said in a Friday-afternoon press release. “This included failed rallies at NFL stadiums and appearances on comedy shows to promote enrollment while at the same time, Americans were unable to sign up for healthcare plans as promised. Even Jon Stewart didn’t think it was a laughing matter.”

Roberts might be feeling some heat from a local tea partier. Milton Wolf, a Leawood doctor who wants to challenge Roberts in the 2014 Republican primary, has been slinging criticism at at Obamacare and Robert’s confirmation of Sebelius for HHS Secretary.

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