Sean Tevis returns with another comic and a push for open government

Sean Tevis is back with more stick figure theater — and another battle to make government more open in Kansas.

Tevis ran for a Kansas House seat in Olathe, and his campaign garnered

national media attention for his xkcd-style cartoon fund raising

attempt, asking for donations of $8.34. Tevis raised hundreds of

thousands of dollars but ultimately lost to Arlen Siegfreid. But Tevis didn’t go away.

Tevis’ latest plan: He’ll meet with more than 50 politicians who can make open government happen — and Tevis will wear NASCAR-style shirts displaying the names of his campaign donors. The more you give, the more you get, like Twitter-sized messages on the shirts. Tevis will also give a copy of the shirt to the politician, and Tevis will give you a run down of the meeting.

Only two people had joined team Tevis as of 11 a.m. Wednesday.  And there’s urgency: If Tevis finds sponsors for all of his shirts by June 1, he’ll name his car “The Spirit of Colbert” after Stephen Colbert, who Tevis says “was robbed of his chance to get a module of the international space station.”

Godspeed, Sean.

Hat tip to Kansas Jackass.

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