Screenland Armour Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets on sale tonight; theater announces collaboration beer with Torn Label Brewing Co.

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Are you ready? The next Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer goes live during halftime of tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. With the latest tease also comes the first opportunity to buy tickets to see the biggest movie of the year. And craft-beer geeks, you’ll want to grab a seat at Screenland Armour. 

The North Kansas City movie house is partnering with Torn Label Brewing Co. for a Screenland-exclusive collaboration beer: Imperial Ravager White IPA. The name is a nod to the Star Wars Ravager battlecruiser.

“It’s going to be pretty boozy,” says Screenland Armour’s Adam Roberts.”We want to do something big for it because we try to do something fun for all of the big movies. But this is more than a movie. It’s monumental. I remember ’99, but I don’t remember it being as crazy as this year. Maybe people are more excited because this isn’t a George Lucas Star Wars movie and everyone’s back and it’s a sequel, so it’s not building up to something that we already know is going to happen.”

Roberts says he and his brother-in-law Brent Miller hashed out the collaboration beer with Torn Label’s Rafi Chaudry and Travis Moore at Tapcade. The hops used in Imperial Ravager — Falconer’s Flight and Galaxy — were chosen for their space-themed names. 

“It’s going to be a bit more of an American style brewed traditional Belgian-style as a white IPA,” Roberts says. “It’s going to be a real nice fresh-hopped white IPA.”

You’ll only be able to get the beer at Screenland properties — with just a few kegs of the brew tapping in Torn Label’s tasting room. 

This also won’t be the only version of the Imperial Ravager.

“We’re going to barrel-age in a Dark Horse rye whiskey barrel probably 35 gallons with brett, and we’re going to age it until the release of Episode VIII, so about 18 months. A barrel-aged rye whiskey brett white IPA is, we think, going to be pretty amazing.”

Roberts says they’ll do a small bottle release to coincide with Episode 8.

“Our plan, if it goes well, is to do a beer for each of the new Episodes,” Roberts says. “We’re doing custom glassware with Flat Black Cult. They’re going to design us bitchin’ glassware that’ll be limited.”

Look for a pint glass with Episode 7. Different styles of beer may dictate other styles of glassware.

“Our goal is to have a collectors’ series with seven, eight and nine,” Roberts says.

Roberts says the plan is to also show the film at Screenland Crossroads, but all of the big events will be at Screenland Armour. 

Showing Star Wars is a return to Armour’s roots.

“What’s cool is Armour actually showed the original movies when it was the Paradise Theatre,” Roberts says. “We were one of the only theaters that existed during the release of the original Star Wars movie.”

After halftime, snag your tickets here. The first showing at Armour is set for 7 p.m. on Thursday, December 17, with at least three other showings that night. Roberts says to expect a Star Wars costume contest and a prize pack for the winner before the first showing on opening night.

If you’re not hyped yet, get your goose pimples courtesy of Han Solo and Chewbacca. 

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