School Board Now Says It’ll Auction Off Schools


Last week, The Pitch published this story criticizing the Kansas City, Missouri, School District for failing to sell its abandoned schools. School administrators now say they’re ready to act — but not everybody likes how they’re going about it.

At its August 27 meeting, the school board will consider a resolution to sell off at least three schools that have been empty for as long as two decades. On the chopping block are Bancroft, Switzer/Old West and Norman School.

The three have garnered many offers over the years from developers who see their potential. Switzer/Old West’s location, on the West Side, and Norman School, in the center of the Valentine neighborhood, make them prime targets for future condos. And Bancroft, in a well-kept East Side neighborhood, seems a likely spot for apartments or senior housing.

But instead of listing the schools for sale through a real estate agent, the board is now considering auctioning off at least Norman and Switzer. That doesn’t sit well with some neighbors of the schools.

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