Scene & Heard: Sean Hunt

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While his mom might’ve named him Sean Hunt, the rest of you probably know the man better as Approach. In addition to being a hip hop badass in every possible way, he’s CEO of Datura Records. His new album, Aloe Park, hits in April, and a freebie mixtape, SweetKnuckleJunction is out next Tuesday.

“It’s a feeling I get from the track. It hits me in a way I can’t explain. It gives me goosebumps.”

“This my boi. You need to get on iTunes and purchase his album, Heroes. My potna Salva produced this and it has so much energy. When the snare finally hits, my neck just snaps. Classic club energy! Salva is the king of the beats.”

“This make me wanna burn my studio down. It has the spirit of a classic hardcore/punk song. What a build up this track has. It’s a anthem, man. You can’t help but sing along.”

“My homie Oh No on the beat and Mos on the mic…..Classic! That’s it, classic hip hop!”

Battles, “Leyendecker”

This whole record is so good. I had a tough time picking a track. I love the drums and the vocal sample. What a great and original band!

MP3: The Grouch, “Whatever I Say”

“I love The Grouch. I don’t know what it is about him, I am just a big fan. Look up the video for this song on YouTube. You will love it, too.”

Hunt also jams to Louiz Rip‘s “Interrupt”: “He is just ripping this breezy groove to shreds. Wait ’til his free EP, Vestige Autonomy drops later this month. Everybody will be praising this guy! DatGang!”

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