Satisfy your seasonal cravings with Betty Rae’s holiday flavors

Mint lovers rise up!

Betty Rae’s seasonal flavors. // Photo by Liz Goodwin

As the holidays bring unpopular colder weather and very popular seasonal flavors such as eggnog and peppermint, Betty Rae’s proves it’s never too cold to enjoy a festive scoop of ice cream. 

The cult-favorite creamery is serving up its new Peppermint Bark variety, complete with swirls of chocolate and vibrant red stripes of candy cane flavored ice cream. The flavor marries the two elements together in harmony, allowing both the chocolate and peppermint to shine equally without being so sugary your mouth puckers.

It’s so good that you won’t mind the bit of brain-freeze you may get walking back to your car.

I chose to pair it with a scoop of the classic chocolate brownie, but the flavor could easily stand alone and is definitely worth the double scoop (or a triple if you’re feeling it). It could also be accompanied by another new variety: cherry chocolate cake. 

It’s one of many winter-inspired flavors that have hit the freezers as of late, with the most recent addition being their “Christmas Crinkle” cookie sandwich. It features properly sweetened and spiced molasses cookies with their classic vanilla ice cream in the center. 

If you do need something to warm you up after an icy indulgence, fear not. They also have hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows available for $6, with even more chocolate mint flavor. It’s also topped with a fudge drizzle and whipped cream, just in case you needed another reason to order it.

Have a holly and jolly sugar coma. 

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