Sarah Palin is a zombie? Yep, and you gotta kill her, Wichita’s Koch brothers, Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck

For the last hour, I’ve been playing Tea Party Zombies Must Die. It’s an online video game in which you must kill the reanimated corpses of extreme right-wingers like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and Wichita’s billionaire Koch brothers.

From experience, I’ll say the two-headed Koch brothers kicked my ass. I couldn’t reload my shotgun fast enough, and the Kochs pummeled me with their four fist death punches. The game actually takes you into the supposed offices of Koch Industries, where you must maneuver around giant stacks of money to kill the dreaded “Koch Whore” lobbyist pig zombie and Koch Industries climate change denial toxic zombie before taking on the Koch brothers, who reminded me of Goro in Mortal Kombat.

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