Santa’s shakedown man, Krampus, should visit … William Threatt Jr.

Kids in the United States have a sanitized view of Santa Claus. Sure, he allegedly makes a list dividing the naughty from the nice, but, practically speaking, the only punishment for greedy little brats is not getting the latest PlayStation Whatever.

European folklore is far different. For children in countries like Germany and Austria, Old Saint Nick has a terrifying companion who kicks ass and takes names. Krampus, a creepy demon with goatlike horns and mangy hair, doesn’t care if you’re 5 years old. If you’re making life miserable for your mom, have fun nursing the welts from your birch-stick beating in hell, kiddo.

This Christmas, we decided to get in the holiday spirit by making our own list of Kansas City residents — ones who could use a visit from an evil ghoul instead of a jolly dude in a red suit.

The first target: William Threatt Jr., former president of the Community Development Corporation of Kansas City.

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